Frequently Asked Questions about enjoying our Charter Bus Service

How long have you been in business?

  • The Company has been in business for over 25 years. We purchased the Company in 1998.

What size coaches does Chinook have?

  • Chinook has two sizes of motorcoaches. We have two 55 passenger large coaches, seven 47 passenger large buses, and one 29 passenger mini-bus.

Do the coaches have restrooms?

  • All of the large 55 passenger coaches and large 47 passenger buses have restrooms. The mini-bus does not have a restroom.

How far in advance should I make a reservation?

  • We recommend you book as early as possible. We can book for onc bus, multiple buses for one day or many days.

Do your coaches have wheelchair lifts?

  • Unfortunately, our coaches do not have wheelchair lifts. However, we would be happy to refer you to a company that can accommodate wheelchairs.

Do your coaches have DVD and VHS players?

  • Yes, all of our coaches have either DVD or VHS players with multiple monitors. Our coaches also have PA systems with microphones.

Can we drink alcohol on your buses?

  • Yes you can. You're a required to purchase a banquet permit at any liquor store. The cost is around $12.00. We tape the completed permit to the window of the bus. We do ask that you assist the bus driver by putting the cans and bottles in a black plastic garbage bag before getting off the bus.

Can we eat on your buses?

  • Yes you can. Again, please dispose of any trash into the garbage bags at the end of the trip. Please, no glass on the buses.

Is driver gratuity included in the price of the bus?

  • No, driver gratuity is extra. That is the responsibility of each individual group.

Does each bus come equipped with a cell phone?

  • Each bus has a designated cell phone. You can reach your driver by call the cell number for the bus. Your driver would be happy to give you the number or you can get the number from our office prior to the trip.

Who pays for the driver's room when you have overnight trips?

  • Chinook pays for the driver's food. Your group is responsible for booking and paying for the drivers motel room. Each driver requires his or her own room. Customers are also responsible for park entrance fees, ferry fees, parking fees and airport fees.